I make toys and dolls using the needle felting technique with some additions of wet felting. I try to produce an image and share the mood through my creations. Toys should make people happy and evoke emotional feedback. The work on an image means sharing emotions and telling a story. I try to make toys and dolls «speak», look alive.
It might seem funny, but when I am working, I always talk to my characters :)
  1. Honey Giraffe
    Honey Giraffe
  2. Little rabbit
    Little rabbit
  3. Green Dragon
    Green Dragon
  4. Cute hippo
    Cute hippo
  5. Water Spirit
    Water Spirit
  6. Portrait Doll
    Portrait Doll
  7. Turtle Queen
    Turtle Queen
  8. Dwarf
  9. Troll
  10. Hobbit
  11. Portrait Doll
    Portrait Doll
  12. Scorpion
  13. Ginger Girl
    Ginger Girl
  14. Young Lion
    Young Lion
  15. Blue Bird
    Blue Bird
  16. Monkey the toy
    Monkey the toy
  17. Dog
  18. Beggar the toy
    Beggar the toy
  19. Proud Chicken
    Proud Chicken
  20. FlyElephant in lamp
    FlyElephant in lamp
  21. Portrait Doll
    Portrait Doll
  22. Portrait Doll
    Portrait Doll
  23. Draco the toy
    Draco the toy
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